Review of Gabriela Montero

I had a great time attending (and reviewing) Gabriela Montero’s piano recital last as part of the Gilmore. Kalamazoo is fortunate to have such a great arts scene. And a classical music concert with improvisation, it was beyond exciting. I was reminded a lot of Robert Fripp’s description of improvisation: “spontaneous composition.” I had to keep myself from including that in the article.

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Not settling on Prime Day

I wrote this last year on the night of Prime Day. I decided to hold off on publishing it until this year’s sale. Every Amazon Prime Day I become excited at the thought of saving money on items I have been on my list for a while.

For example: I’ve wanted a Sous Vide for a while, and there’s a pretty good deal on the Bluetooth model. But I know I want the wifi one, so I can start cooking when I’m at work or out for the day.

Now, is it worth an extra $100? Probably not. But it’s a feature I’d use frequently. So I’m holding off.

Same for the Kindles. They are on sale, but I want to get the one with 3G (always have had Kindles with this, makes downloading and syncing content on the go easier). But they are not on sale.

As I am working to limit the number of items I have, I really don’t see a reason to settle on what I buy. I’m going to spend a little money on what I really want and will use.

The Amazon Prime Day sales are tempting, but the savings are not worth settling for something that’s not exactly what I want.

The simplicity of having two phones

With the recent purchase of an iPhone X, it also reintroduced an additional item to my everyday carry: a second phone. No, I do not have a day and a night phone, but a personal and a work phone.

A lot of people ask right away: why would you want to carry around two phones? Yes, it does add more bulk. I have to keep track of a second device and its charge. Sometimes I pull out one phone meaning the other. But, in the past two weeks, the benefits have outweighed the hassle in ways I wasn’t expecting.

With my job working in digital and social media, I use my phone for a lot of my work — from taking photos, monitoring accounts and posting to social media. This work happens at all hours of the day.

Previously, everything was blended together on one phone. It was distracting. But having the second personal phone actually simplifies things for me. Each device serves it’s own purpose. When I’m at home, I can open my personal iPhone and not get distracted with work stuff. When I’m focusing on work, it’s on that phone.

Now, there are some overlap. iMessages, for example, go to both of my phone so I don’t miss anything. I’ve also played around with the WiFi call forwarding, but not sure how it works in practice. But my work and personal e-mail accounts go to their respective phones, and it’s great.

We’ll see how I feel about having the two phones in the coming months. Right now, it’s actually allowed me to focus on what I’m doing every day.

One week with the iPhone X

I recently got a new iPhone to supplement my work phone (more on that later). I went with the iPhone X because of the camera. As a professional photographer, I’ve been drawn to the dual camera iPhones since the 6 Plus, and the X was the perfect combination of everything I wanted. Here are some thoughts from my first week with the iPhone X, as well as a photo gallery of some of my favorite photos I’ve taken.  

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Two reviews from the Gilmore

Had a great time getting out the notepad and writing two reviews for the Gilmore Keyboard festival. I’ve always enjoyed Classical music and have attended the Gilmore over the years. It’s quite the different experience to listen intently to review. Enough talk about the talk, here are the reviews: