On Apple events

Watching WWDC during my lunch break at work Today, Apple is set to unveil a whole slew of new products.

I've always loved the couple days each year when there are Apple events, wether it's WWDC or a special hardware or software event.

The events do not only introduce updates to the technology I use every day, but some of the best presentations out there. Masterfully crafted, the way Apple unveils something new is like their products: all around a joy((It was also great to see the diamonds rubbed out of the rough photos leaked from suppliers in China)).

In college, I remember hanging around the library((In fact, I remember seeing my friend Jake doing the same thing. I knew we would be good friends after that)) to follow the updates on MacRumors or following along in class. When I started working as a journalist, I would use the time to follow along and catch up on e-mail.

And when the events were not live steamed, it made everything all the more exciting.

Today's announcement, like recent ones, will be streamed live. In the past, I've been able to take a long lunch and watch the keynote on a second monitor. This day, however, will likely require me to be on assignment, at a bar (no kidding).

So what to do? I look forward to how it all is unveiled but also want to enjoy it (especially since this is likely going to be a big one).

I think I'm going to try what some people do with sports: watch it later and try to shield myself from the outcome while it is going on.

It's going to be hard: My devices are wired to be news alerting machines. So I will likely turn off notifications,  enter a few keywords to mute on Twitter, set up a rule in mail to forward all breaking news e-mails and avoid as much news as I can.

Maybe I am becoming more mature in my fandom((I've also installed none of the betas this year)). After work I will go straight home, crack a Smart Water and watch the presentation.

Unless I can push the assignment off until later in the afternoon, then of course, I will be tuning in.